Saturday, July 9, 2011

Green Eggs and Heat

I love breakfast. Savoury breakfast. I mean, I'll eat pancakes or waffles from time to time, but generally speaking if you give me any combination of eggs/bacon/ham/sausage/cheese/bread for a morning nosh, I will be happy. This particular morning I was short on both meat and bread (which, by the way, is linked to my previous post). No matter - I hear bread makes your ass big. And meat ... well, I missed the meat part. Resigning myself to the fact I wouldn't have deliciously cured pig in my belly, I carried on with what was in my fridge. The result not only satiated my appetite for something savoury, but also scored me points in the greens department. Did you know greens are good for you? Of course you did. Because you are not a moron. So quick! Off to the fridge to make this quick, easy and mama-says-it's-good-for-you meal!