Monday, December 13, 2010

2010 List of Foodie Gifts

Alright so maybe this post is really only going to serve the last-minute shoppers (forgive my tardiness), but Christmastime or not, people who love to cook love receiving cooking-related gifts.  I know.  I am a fucking genius.  Here are the ones I think are neat / worthwhile / dream-worthy.

Emile Henry makes all kinds of nice things and this one is no different.  The pizza stone is glazed so it promises to make removing easy.  I like the handles, plus the nifty colours it comes in.  Us Canadians can get it on Amazon for about $57.

These little oil spritzers from Sur La Table are super-cute and ... useful!  Sometimes you don't need a pile of oil; just a spritz will do!  Use them to make a pan non-stick, to add flavour to salads, to ready a baguette for toasting, or to give yourself that greasy body-builder look.  $12.95US.

The Vitamix blender has been touted by chefs like Thomas Keller as "THE" blender to have.  So if TK thinks it's aiight, I think so too.  It comes with a hefty $580CDN price tag and so falls under the "dream-worthy" category.  I remain a dreamer.

I admit these aren't really for cooking, but every decent cook enjoys a wobbly pop or 5 from time-to-time.  I have a friend who once searched for "suitable ice" for his scotch ... I think this is a great (re-usable) alternative.  Buy 'em from ThinkGeek for just $20US.

For the foodie who really has everything and for the gifter with a conscious, try doing good this season with the Heifer Hope Basket.  For just $50US, you can provide chickens and rabbits to a farmer in need.  Heifer International aims to end world hunger so don't be a Scrooge and help 'em out.

For the home cook who loves to make all things Italian (like me), pick up the super-affordable gnocchi board.  It makes rolling the grooves into gnocchi ΓΌber-easy.  Plus, it's fun to do!  And who doesn't like fun?!  And exclamation points!  Get it for just $5 at The Inspired Cook.

Alright so most foodies already know a thing or two about cooking, but everyone can still use a bit of learning for their brain!  Why not try gifting a cooking class?  In Toronto there are many options - I'm sure in your city there are, too.  Usually from $75-$150/class.

Sous vide cooking remains, for the most part, something only restaurants can pull off with success.  Wellllll, not anymore, bitches.  Enter the SousVide Supreme.  For the low, low price of $299.95US, you too can make super-succulent meats and tasty water-cooked treats at home!  p.s. - I once tried to jimmy rig a sous vide device.  Not so good.  Buy the real meal deal.

Another nifty gift is an egg topper.  Did you ever see that episode of Top Chef where Anita Lo did soft scrambled eggs with shitakes and then presented them in the shell?  That was some kick-ass presentation, in my opinion.  This one is $54.95US from Sur La Table, but there are other, cheaper options out there.  I just figure if you're going to get a new gadget, get the one the pros would want.

Well, there you have it boys and girls.  Select gift ideas for the foodie in your family (or, the foodie in you).  Happy shopping!  And cooking!  And entertaining!  And eating!

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