Friday, January 1, 2010

The Year Ahead

Well, here we are.  Hello, 2010, it's nice to see you.  I've been so used to the "oh-number" years (you know, '09, '08, '07 ... you get the idea), the "ten" doesn't seem to fit quite right.  But whatever we call you (I'm gunning for "two-ten"), I think you'll bring some good things.  Like growth in my favourite new project and hobby, The Restaurant Club.

2009 was the year I founded The Restaurant Club.  It came to me while driving to a client meeting; I went home that night, got onto Facebook, and started the group.  Just like that (which is quite unlike my professional life, where far more planning would have gone into the idea).  I think The Restaurant Club is really still in its infancy stages.  I'm still figuring out just what it is I want to do with it beyond the dinners, the recipes, the reviews and general foodie news.  It makes me no money, but it sure does bring me a lot of joy.  And fun.  Which is perfect, because my word for 2010 is "funjoy".  A very close friend encouraged us to find our 'word' for the year.  The word that might be a beacon for our life's decisions.  The mantra for our actions.  What it is we're expecting from the year.  And since I couldn't pick between 'fun' and 'joy', I made a word up.  So, year of funjoy, year of more Restaurant Club, year of new experiences and another chapter, welcome.

As I reflect on where TRC is at now, I'm proud of the accomplishments.  I am incredibly thankful for my Facebook fans, for my Twitter followers, for my loyal group of TRC dinner guests, and for the readers of this blog.  It really is a time when just about everyone is a foodie, everyone has an opinion on the culinary world, and everyone is becoming an expert on cooking and eating and shopping and dining.  I don't feel really all that different from anyone else, and so this is part of my challenge for 2010.  What makes me different?  Why read what I have to say over anyone else?  Apart from my amazing group of friends who were my number one fans from the beginning (and who probably would be fans, even if I wrote about the science of dog shit or some other asinine topic), who really wants to follow me?  To cook what I cook?  To visit the restaurants I recommend?  To take my foodie advice?  Well, I'd like to think the answer is 'anyone'.  Certainly not everyone - that would be pompous and frankly unattainable.  But what I hope for is that just about anyone might find a nugget of useful information, might enjoy my writing, and might take pleasure in making one of my recipes.

In 2010, I plan to get my TV show idea into the hands of someone who can actually produce it (it's a food show, of course ... I happen to think it's a good one).  I plan to become a better cook.  I plan to be a better writer.  I plan to make more connections.  I plan to try new things.  And, I plan to do it all with funjoy.

So, thank you all for your support.  Thank you for sharing an interest with me.  And, thank you for indulging me.

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