Friday, November 6, 2009

It's Noodle Time: Liberty Noodle

I have to admit I've got a real penchant for noodles.  So when I'd heard that Liberty Noodle was open, I had to get my way there.  Fast.  And boy, was I glad I did.

Located right in the heart of Liberty Village, Liberty Noodle is quickly becoming a favourite go-to place for the locals, and I'm certain will become a staple for anyone craving a seriously good fill-up at a low cost.  The bonus?  It doesn't look like a crummy ramen joint ... its industrial style is chic, clean and minimalistic.

With nothing over $12, my friend and I decide to go appy and main each ... not that I needed all that food, but because it all sounded so damn good.  First comes the curry gyoza and the panko-crusted shrimp and calamari.  Each dish was delightful.  The curry wasn't overpowering, and the gyozas were seared perfectly.  The seafood was accompanied by a wasabi coriander dipping sauce, which I'd gladly take over boring marinara or seafood sauce any day.  Delish!

Next came our noodle dishes.  Mine, a black bean chicken with fried ramen noodles and bok choy, his a curry beef ramen noodle bowl.  Each dish was ample size, and arrived quickly (too quick, I'd say, if we were there for dinner but perfectly fast for a workday lunch).  The black bean sauce was perfectly balanced; if I had one criticism it was the noodles were a tad oily.  Next, the curry beef bowl.  The broth was incredibly tasty and the noodles fresh.  The broth's coconut milk made it rather heavy, but its flavour kept you going back for more.

Service was polite and efficient, but could benefit from a little more pizzazz.  I don't need the chattiest server out there, but some flare and personality go a long way.  And, good servers (along with good food) make loyal regulars.  I doubt this place will have a hard time cultivating regulars; it's got my vote.

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  1. Noodles are my favorite dish for all the times. I can skip anything for noodles but only if they are tasty. Liberty noodles looks yummy and it will in real i am sure.