Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's All About Conviction

The first event is coming up for The Restaurant Club.  I'm getting excited.  I'm also a bit anxious ... maybe that's what my dream about my molars falling out meant (yes, creepy and gross, all at once).  And, as the title of this post alludes, the chosen restaurant for the first event is Conviction.

Why Conviction?  Well, it promises something very different and yet something very reliable, all at once.  Marc Thuet is one of the city's most talented chefs.  Thuet and Bite Me and Atelier Thuet have each given me wonderful meals.  I can take comfort in knowing the food will not be a let-down.  The 'something different' comes from the fact that his restaurant is staffed with ex-convicts, both at the front and the back of the house.  I think it's both curious and caring ... everyone could use a second (or 5th) chance, and hey - I'm game to hear a story or two about a life 10 times rougher than mine.  Okay, maybe 100 times rougher.  Let's face it - my life has rarely been 'rough'.
For those of you who have been invited to the dinner, I am truly looking forward to seeing you.  I'm excited that you're a part of a new idea for me.  I'm optimistic for the potential outcomes.  I'm hoping for some great feedback.  Most of all, I'm ready for a glorious meal in great company.

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