Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Opera at The Nose

Recently, a friend and I checked out "Opera at The Nose". For those who know The Nose (aka Gio Rana's Really Really Nice Restaurant), it is fun and lively and full of great meal items and ... most obviously ... Italian. Having been there many times I thought, "why not mix opera and eating?"

I knew the serving and seating format was going to be family style, and that it would be housed in their side room. What I didn't realize (and maybe stupidly), was that they were showing an ACTUAL opera, projected on a screen. For some reason, I thought there would be opera singers there live. No matter, I wasn't disappointed by the motion picture.

First, I will qualify that I have been to the opera once. Lucky for me, it was at the new COC building, so I could marvel at the architectural beauty. Aside from my one encounter, I know almost nil about this art.

The actual opera side of the evening was just OK. While I appreciate the arts, I don't think I'll be running out anytime soon to watch a subtitled singing play, cast with facial contortionists (I gather this is the only way to get out the sounds they are capable of making). BUT ... it was an experience nonetheless. And I do like new experiences.

So onto the food and social part of the evening. My friend and I sat at the end of a table of about 5 other guests. At our table were "cranky couple who probably hadn't had sex in the last quarter", "nice quiet gay guy", and "wealthy suburbanites". Our host was gracious and excited about the evening and clearly well versed in operas. I suppose if you're going to host an event like this, you'd better know a thing or two ...

So how about the food? Well, in true Nose style, it was delicious. And ample. The first round brought us a lovely misto di mare (seafood medley ... LOVED the calamari), a delicious caprese salad modified to include avocado and a little chili oil, and of course - tasty bread. The second course included a squash risotto done to perfection, a spaghettini ai oilo, and a lovely pasta with bolognese sauce. I thought this was it. I was FULL. But alas, it was not. How could I think so? We hadn't even had meat. The third round brought their famous (and gigantic) meatballs, delicious pork loin, and veal chop. The meatballs, I have to admit, were a little lacklustre for me. They were dry and underseasoned. The pork, on the other hand, was perfectly cooked with a flavourful gorgonzola sauce that I can neve get enough of.

We opted out of dessert so we could carry on our way. So what was the verdict? Go for it. Try it once. You may find you love opera, you most definitely will meet some new people, and as always with The Nose, you'll eat well.

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  1. that sounds like a great idea for a fun night out! will have to try it out next time we are in Toronto.