Monday, July 20, 2009

Service Matters

It baffles me the restaurants I visit where servers are less than courteous, less than kind, and less than helpful. Having been both a waiter and a bartender, I can say with all fact that serving is not simple. One must endure 'the public'. The hours can rot. There are hazards. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you are not rewarded appropriately. And it can suck.

But in the end, aren't we all looking for some entertainment? Some form of pleasure? Some new story to recount? The food and the company and the environment may very well be incredible, but if the service is poor, it can flat out ruin a dining experience.

We are a city of attitude and deservedness and opinions and swagger and sometimes just a tad too much ego. But for the love of god, servers, DO YOUR JOB. It's showmanship and elegance and etiquette as much as it is taking an order and bringing food and clearing the table.

Now, there are MANY wonderful servers in this city. For each and every one of you, thank you. Thank you for not being pretentious. Thank you for not one-upping me unnecessarily. Thank you for sharing a good story or for offering a laugh. Thank you for actually giving a shit. Being personable and likeable - two of the first traits I believe you should have if you're going to take on serving.

So, in my opinion, service matters more than you may think.

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